September 2015 - Iwo Jima Memorial
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September 2015

Iwo Jima Monument West Calendar

Calendar of Events February 2015: National press campaign around 70th Anniversary of landing on Iwo Jima, 1945: The compelling story of the photograph, how it impacted   the Nation and America’s love for the Marines Corps that helped save the Corps Post WWII. February 23,...

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Iwo Jima Monument West Progress

Our Progress How it all began… February 22, 2013 Iwo Jima flag raising sculpture by Felix de Weldon did not sell at (not hitting the reserve). April 2013: Review of DOD “gifting” rules September 2013: Met with Deputy Adjutant (MCI-West) on “gifting” and related issues Sept-Nov....

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Iwo Jima Veterans Answer

Why do I want to see the Iwo Jima flag raising monument at Camp Pendleton? What would seeing the Iwo Jima Monument at Camp Pendleton mean to you?   Marine Sgt. Major Michael “Iron Mike” Mervosh who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam spoke with passion about...

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Iwo Jima Monument West In The News

~ Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune In The News The Epoch Times: SoCal Resident Leads Effort to Bring Iwo Jima Monument to Camp Pendleton (July 18, 2021 Updated: August 10, 2021) San Diego Union Tribune: Group to bring Iwo Jima statue to Pendleton (Oct. 20, 2015) Legion Town USA: West Coast...

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