Iwo Jima Monument West Progress - Iwo Jima Memorial
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Iwo Jima Monument West Progress

Iwo Jima Monument West Progress

Our Progress

How it all began… February 22, 2013 Iwo Jima flag raising sculpture by Felix de Weldon did not sell at (not hitting the reserve).

  • April 2013: Review of DOD “gifting” rules
  • September 2013: Met with Deputy Adjutant (MCI-West) on “gifting” and related issues
  • Sept-Nov. 2013: Research: Marine Corps History Division, National Archives & Records Administration (VA, DC & MD locations)
  • November 15, 2013: Filing with IRS for 501c3 for Iwo Jima Monument West (news release)
  • February 2014: Meeting with MCI-West leadership to reach agreement on preferred site. Department of Public Works ordered to provide requisites for the RFP.
  • May 2014: IRS determination letter for full tax deductibility received
  • August 2014: Architectural firm (San Diego) retained to develop RFP
  • October 2014:  Interdependence PR, NY retained to liaison with national media
  • January 2015:  Request for Proposals for a Design Competition available for release
  • February 2015: New website launched at www.marinesoniwojima.com including story wall with battle footage and new information
  • March, 2015: Military History Tours trip to Iwo Jima (Guam) for 70th Anniversary ceremonies (“Reunion of Honor”) headed by Lt. General Larry Snowden; speakers included CMC JosephDunford, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, and the grandson of General Kurabiyashi as well as the Defense Minister of Japan with numerous Cabinet members:
  • April, 2015: Focus on developing interest from architects to enter competition for project design/build;
  • May, 2015: Flag Raising Re-enactors and 10 Iwo Jima veterans attend event with media on base near the site selected (hillside in front of the Pacific Views Event Center) towards Pacific ocean overlooking appropriately Vandegrift Blvd., Del Mar Beach, near the small Iwo Jima Memorial (1999);
  • June 2015:  Selecting two highly qualified firms: Fentress Architects (CO) and ClarkNexsen (VA);
  • July 2015:   Briefing held at Camp Pendleton for qualifying firms, with base DPW staff;
  • September 2015: Submission deadline for design/build proposals for review and decision making; published articles in IJAA Black Sands and Spearhead 5th MAR DIV Association; guest speaker at the annual meeting of the 5th Marine Division Association, Virginia Beach;
  • October, 2015 : Announcement that Fentress Architects, designer/builders for the National Marine Corps Museum (Triangle, VA) had submitted the superior design; special event with 10 Iwo Jima veterans (Marine/Navy), named “A Celebration of Courage (ad Oct. Leatherneck): Keynote: Lt. General Terry Robling (USMC retired) CO  speaks in support of project followed by the first public showing of the winning design by Curt Fentress, principal, Fentress Architects (media invited); major article in San Diego Union Tribune, and American Legion publication;
  • November, 2015: Ad in November of Leatherneck; Facebook page enhancement; PR firm had Iwo veterans on radio/TV, in addition to several print media pieces (San Diego Union, etc.); Progress Report issued for distribution to Iwo Jima veterans, et al;
  • December, 2015: Front page (Newport Beach) Daily Pilot (LA Times) and Orange County Register profile on Founder, Laura Dietz and the financial needs of the projects; full tax deductibility letters to donors; support from Marine Corps Sgt. Major Gene Overstreet on travel from CT to CA issues; meeting in San Francisco with Anne Rosenthal, daughter of Joseph Rosenthal, for support and expertise (art conservation professional)
  • Feb 2016: Iwo Jima Association of America Symposium, Arlington, VA
  • April – June 2016: Determination made to not purchase the restored plaster model owned by Rodney Hilton Brown to reduce costs the decision was made to build a version
  • April. 2016: Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Annual Dinner, headline by Senator John Warner (retired) and General Robert Neller, Commandant, USMC, and distinguished Marines
  • August, 2016: Letter of interest to foundries in the Southwest to build
  • September, 2016: Meetings in Fall River, MA to determine the status of a monument mold in storage that proved to be usable; shared design package with General Jos. Dunford, Chair,  Jt. Chiefs of Staff
  • September – October: Scope of Work provided to pre-approved foundries (CA, AZ)
  • October 14: Iwo Jima Veterans Carl Diekman, Jr. and Family host event at VFW, Canyon Country CA
  • November, 2016: Selection made of Bollinger Atelier in Tempe AZ; runners up were ATA Foundry (Burbank CA) and JP Foundry (Commerce CA)

NOVEMBER 22, 2016: Iwo Jima Monument West Submits Final “Gift” Proposal

to the USMC and USN Undersecretary for final green light

  • December, 2016: IJMW promotes major story in February 2017 by FOX News (NYC); Associated Press CEO Gary Pruitt/ staff  briefed on the project based on their famous photograph
  • December, 2016: Retaining Cmdr. Ken Hagihara USNR, affiliated with Third Fleet, Coronado and his private firm Integrity PR to manage major PR push toward February Iwo Jima Association of America Symposium with many Iwo Jima veterans; David Webb of FOX to others:  To attend call Gail Chatfield at 858-205-2600 February 15-19, 2017, Grand Pacific Palisades Hotel, Carlsbad with Memorial service/banquet Feb. 18 (1600 – 2200)